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Are you aware of effective strategies to boost bag-in-box sales? Systembolaget reports that the bag-in-box format accounts for over 40% of all wine sales in Sweden. This packaging option has witnessed a significant surge in demand across Europe, with a growth rate of more than 9.6% according to the Wine Market Observatory (OIV). It has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional glass bottles.

By incorporating an improved customer experience alongside the existing demand, the goal of increasing bag-in-box sales becomes even more attainable. Let’s find out how you can make it happen.


How can a device that simplifies service contribute to higher bag-in-box wine sales?

We all seek convenience and ease. With this concept in mind, various industries have introduced changes to evolve their practices. From Netflix recommending movies based on your preferences to Google’s voice searches. So, what about the wine industry? There exists a device that simplifies service and, when combined with a high-quality product, brand values that align with consumers, and visually appealing packaging, it has the potential to increase bag-in-box wine sales. This device is called the HandsFree Tap.

Let’s explore how the HandsFree Tap accomplishes this goal:

  1. Enhanced convenience. By facilitating the service of bag-in-box wine, the device offers consumers greater comfort and ease when pouring themselves a glass. The goal is to streamline and expedite the wine-serving process.
  2. Improved user experience. The HandsFree Tap makes possible serving of wine without spillage at any circumstances, enhancing consumers’ sense of security when purchasing wine in this format. This, in turn, boosts bag-in-box wine sales.
  3. Promotion of the bag-in-box format. By utilizing the HandsFree Tap during events and wine tastings, wine producers can promote the bag-in-box format while highlighting its benefits. The elimination of hassles, with the focus solely on the product, increase the likelihood of future purchases of bag-in-box wine.
  4. Inclusivity. Acknowledging the diverse mobility and abilities of wine consumers, the HandsFree Tap ensures ease of use for everyone. This promotes user satisfaction and ensures a positive experience for all.


It’s proven. Enhanced user experience drives bag-in-box wine sales

Numerous studies substantiate the significant impact of an improved user experience on bag-in-box wine sales. Consider the following statistics supporting this claim:

  1. A study conducted by the University of California at Davis reveals that wine presentation and service influence consumers’ perception of wine quality. Struggling with a BiB tap is not comparable to elegantly pouring a wine glass using only one hand, made possible by the HandsFree Tap device.
  2. Research from Bangor University in Wales indicates that consumers who tasted the same wine in pleasant surroundings, accompanied by soothing music and soft lighting, rated the wine as higher quality and were willing to pay more for it compared to consumers who sampled the same wine in less favorable environments. Have you considered how you could make the wine-tasting experience more convenient and enjoyable for your customers?
  3. According to a study by the University of Adelaide in Australia, the presentation of wine can influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. Consumers who encountered an attractive label and a detailed description of the wine’s history and flavors demonstrated a greater willingness to buy compared to those who encountered products with simple labels and basic descriptions. Did you know that the HandsFree Tap device is customizable?

These studies suggest that enhancing the user experience, whether through the wine service, the tasting environment, or the product’s presentation, can significantly impact consumers’ perceptions of the quality and value of the wines offered by wineries. Consequently, this can increase bag-in-box wine sales.

What are you waiting for to establish the key partnership that will amplify customer satisfaction: BiB + HandsFree Tap?

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