Hands Free Tap

The perfect complement for bag in box

Hands Free Tap y su modo de empleo
Hands Free Tap y su modo de empleo


It has never been so easy!

In FixedTop we work to make the bag in box easier and more attractive to the consumer. That’s why we have developed the hands-free system with which you can serve directly from the bag in box with just one hand. It fits perfectly with the Vitop tap and you don’t need any tools to assemble it. In less than a minute you will have it ready to help yourself in a simple and comfortable way.

  • Very easy to use. Serve from your bag in box as if it were a beverage fountain in a fast-food restaurant.
  • Produces a regular flow with no dripping at the end
  • ReusableJust remove it from the used bag in box and put it in a new one.
  • Comes with a backing plate to prevent the bag-in-box carboard walls from sagging.





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