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It’s the best time of the year for a ski vacation. If you plan on spending a few days skiing at your favorite mountain destination, you need to know what to pack in your suitcase. The suggested checklist for packing for a ski trip is designed for those crazy about the sport who are also wine lovers.


Ski Trip Packing Checklist


  • Ski jacket and pants
  • Snow gloves and hat or balaclava
  • Thermal underwear and ski socks
  • Extra warm clothing for après-ski
  • Appropriate footwear for the mountains


  • Skis, boots, and poles
  • Ski helmet and back protector
  • Ski goggles
  • Backpack
  • Sunscreen with a high SPF and lip balm


  • Passport, phone, and credit card
  • Travel document/reservation number and insurance documentation
  • Mobile phone and charger Ordinary toiletries and €1 coins for paid public restrooms
  • Painkillers, blister patches, and throat lozenges
  • Trash bags, wet wipes, and tissues
  • Flashlight, batteries, pocketknife, and cereal bars
  • Corkscrew, if you bring wine, or HandsFree Tap, if you bring wine in a Bag-in-Box.
  • And the phone numbers of your bank, insurance company, and travel agency (if applicable); both on paper and saved on your phone.

Depending on whether or not you are traveling with children on your ski trip, the luggage for your snow vacation may vary. It should also be adapted to the restrictions imposed by airlines if you are flying to your destination instead of driving.


Necessary Indulgences: Your Favorite Wine and an Essential Accessory for a Ski Trip

After a day of outdoor sports, it’s time to enjoy sunsets at the mountain and good food. You need to recharge your batteries for the next day and enjoy every minute. That’s why when packing for your ski vacation, it’s worth considering that you may not be able to find your favorite wine at your holiday destination.

To not deprive yourself of that well-deserved indulgence, you only need a little planning. You can bring the wine you love in a bottle, but you may find that wine in a Bag-in-Box format is a better option for a ski trip. Do you know why?

  1. It’s easier to transport. Bag-in-Box is a lightweight and compact container that takes up little space, making it easy to transport in a vehicle or suitcase. The BiB doesn’t run the risk of breaking, something that always worries when transporting glass.
  2. Greater durability. Wine in Bag-in-Box stays fresh for several weeks after opening, thanks to its vacuum packaging system. This means you can enjoy the wine throughout your ski trip without worrying about its preservation.
  3. Space-saving. By bringing wine in a Bag-in-Box instead of bottles, you save space. This is especially useful in holiday accommodations with limited space.

Today, there is a wide variety of wines available in Bag-in-Box format, from white and red wines to rosés, sparkling wines, and wine blends. In addition, the BiB packaging format tends to be more economical than individual wine bottles, making it a more convenient option.

If you already know how to pair those mountain sunsets, all you need to include in your luggage for your ski vacation is the device that can improve that gastronomic and social experience that is the winetasting: HandsFree Tap. And remember, you can also use it for your water, juice, milk, and other beverages in Bag-in-Box.

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