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Do you know why usability and customer experience are two factors to take into account when offering a beverage or food product? If you want to find out and learn how this relates to packaging choice, keep reading.


Usability and customer experience define their perception of your product

Usability and customer experience are important because they can significantly influence customer perception of:

  1. The quality of the product.
  2. Satisfaction.
  3. The intention of buying it again.
  4. The probability that you will recommend it.


Usability refers to the ease with which a customer can use or consume the product. In the case of drinks or food, this may be related to:

– The ease of opening the container.

– The comfort to hold or drink the product.

– The ability to save or reuse the container.

If the packaging is difficult to open, for example, it can create a negative experience for the customer that can decrease their satisfaction with the product and their likelihood of buying it again.

Customer experience

The customer experience refers to how the customer perceives the product and their buying process. The experience can be influenced by factors such as:

– Design and quality of the packaging.

– Information provided on the packaging about the product.

– Ease of purchase.

If the packaging is attractive and conveys clear and relevant information about the product, it can increase the customer’s perception of quality and their satisfaction with the shopping experience.

Packaging can have a significant impact on both factors, therefore it is important to take this into account when choosing the packaging with which to market wine, milk, juices, beverages, soft drinks or olive oil.


Introduction of innovations in the bag in box

The bag in box is a type of packaging widely used in the food and beverage industry, especially for products such as wine, juice, oil and milk. It consists of a flexible plastic bag, which is placed inside a rigid cardboard box with a tap to dispense the contents.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards innovation in bag in box, both in terms of usability and customer experience. Some of the bag in box innovations that have been introduced recently include:

  • Custom Shaped Bag in box: some companies have begun producing custom shaped bag in box bags that fit customers’ hands, improving the ergonomics and usability of the package.
  • Bags with barrier technology: some bag in box bags now have barrier technology that protects the contents from oxygen and other contaminants, helping to maintain product quality and freshness longer.
  • HandsFree Tap: this reusable device is inserted into the bag in box allowing service with one hand, much more comfortable, accessible and simple.

These innovations in the bag in box can significantly improve the usability and customer experience when using this type of packaging.

Have you considered how easy it can be to achieve a positive impact on the customer’s perception of product quality and their probability of buying it again?

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