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Have you thought about selling milk in bag in box? Milk consumption can vary between families and European countries. However, in general, it is estimated that a European family consumes around 15 to 20 litres of milk per week. It is important to note that this number is only an average and can vary based on factors such as family size, individual preferences, and regional eating habits.

For example, in Spain, milk consumption per person is around two liters per week (average value); somewhat less than half of what is consumed in Denmark (4.6 liters per person and week) and far behind the figure reached by the first consumers of milk in Europe, Finland, where 6.4 liters per person per week are exceeded. This consumption can include whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, depending on the preferences and dietary needs of each family.

Packaging matters and can increase milk sales

Taking statistics into account, it can be stated that, in many families, the carton of milk will run out on the day and it will be necessary to open the next one, which will remain that way until the next day. But, when the container is opened, the deterioration of the product begins, more slowly if it is kept in optimum temperature and humidity conditions.

Selling milk in bag in box could solve food safety problems in relation to this aspect. But, in addition, this type of packaging has another important advantage: it facilitates service.

In homes, milk is consumed mainly for breakfast. It is a time of day in which rushes are frequent and, with them, product spills, much more so when the kids at home are busy serving and/or opening the container.

With a BiB we solve the problem of wasting product and, at the same time, we increase accessibility, helping the children themselves, their grandparents or parents who have little time to enjoy this first meal of the day to serve themselves comfortably and efficiently.


Which companies have thought about selling milk in bag in box

There are several companies that commercialise (or have tried to market) milk in Bag-in-Box (BiB) format. Some of them are:

  1. Arla Foods. This Danish-based dairy cooperative has introduced BiB milk in several countries, including Sweden and the UK. The company has chosen this type of packaging due to the convenience and sustainability benefits it offers, as well as the ability to maintain product freshness and quality for a longer term.
  2. The Finnish dairy company has launched milk in BiB format throughout the country. The choice of this container is due to its ability to keep milk fresh for longer and the convenience it provides to consumers, since it is easy to use and store.
  3. Dairy Farmers of America. This large dairy cooperative based in the United States has entered the BiB market with its ultra-pasteurized milk. DFA has adopted this format to serve consumers looking for more convenient and sustainable options, as well as to reduce the costs associated with traditional packaging.


Why does milk sell better in bag in box?

These companies have made the decision to sell the bag in box for several reasons:

  1. Better product preservation: BiB helps to preserve the freshness and quality of milk for a longer time compared to traditional packaging. This is due to its hermetic design and the ability to reduce exposure to air and light, factors that can affect the quality of the product.
  2. Greater convenience: this type of container offers a more practical and easier way to dispense and store milk. Its built-in tap allows you to pour the desired amount without spills or complications, and its compact design makes it easy to handle and store at home. If we add to the advantages of BiB those provided by the reusable HandsFree Tap device, the usability of this type of packaging improves exponentially.
  3. The BiB format is considered more sustainable compared to traditional packaging, since it uses fewer materials and generates less waste. This is in response to the demand of consumers concerned with reducing their environmental footprint and opting for greener options.

If you know your customers and know their needs and priorities, what are you waiting for to sell milk in bag in box? Step up to a new way to ensure your day starts off in the best way.

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