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Did you think that bag in box was only for wine? Not at all, there are already bag in box for milk, olive oil, mineral water, as well as for juices and soft drinks. This versatile and sustainable packaging format allows increasing milk sales, putting some olive oil brands ahead of their competitors, gaining new customers for companies that sell mineral water, and increasing revenue of juices and soft drinks.


Advantages of BiB compared to other formats such as PET bottle, tetra pack, can or glass

Have you ever thought about commercializing milk in a bag in box? Had you ever considered offering your olive oil in BiB? Each packaging format has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to consider the needs of the product and the end consumer before deciding which format to use.

Here are the advantages of the «bag in box» format compared to other common packaging types:

  • PET bottle. Although it is a popular format for water and beverages, the «bag in box» can offer greater protection against light and air, helping to maintain the quality and taste of the product for a longer time. Additionally, did you know that «bag in box» is a more sustainable option? Its environmental impact is lower than a PET bottle of the same capacity as it uses less plastic.
  • Tetra pack. Juices and beverages are often offered in this format, but «bag in box» can help producers gain new customers. The reason is that it is easier to recycle and can have a lower environmental impact since it uses less packaging material compared to tetra pack. Additionally, it makes dosing and serving the content easier.
  • Can. The can presents a greater risk of oxidation and metallic taste compared to the «bag in box». Once again, if we look at sustainability, «bag in box» comes out ahead due to the lower use of materials.
  • Glass. Glass is a common packaging format for oil, milk, and some beverages, but it can be heavier and more fragile compared to the «bag in box». Exporting BiB of olive oil, milk, or water reduces the costs associated with logistics operations, have you considered it?


Water in Bag in Box?

The «bag in box» packaging format is recommended for water for several reasons:

  • Prevent contamination, as it is a hermetic container that prevents air from entering.
  • Facilitates storage and optimizes space management in the warehouse; it is also easy to handle.

For the end consumer, «bag in box» offers a convenient and easy-to-use packaging solution that adapts to the demands of everyday life for both adults and children.


Bag in Box for olive oil

In this case, the «bag in box» packaging can also be beneficial for those who market olive oil since:

  • Olive oil is sensitive to light and air, and «bag in box» can protect the oil by providing a dark and airtight container. Perfect to avoid inventory obsolescence and waste.
  • A bag in box of olive oil has a positive impact on the producer’s image, being an innovative and sustainable format that speaks of their environmental consciousness and commitment.

For the end consumer, the «bag in box» format can offer a cleaner and more controlled pouring experience, reducing the risk of spills and stains in the kitchen. Less waste also means more savings, another point to consider.


Advantages of juices and soft drinks in bag in box

Once again, when considering this format as a producer, benefits such as those related to the price per unit of the product, the ease and convenience of storing and transporting juice and soft drinks in BiB format have to be taken into account. Also, the fact that it preserves the image of the company by protecting the flavor and quality of the juices and soft drinks through a hermetically sealed container that prevents the entry of air and light should be valued.

For the end consumer, the «bag in box» packaging helps to maintain the quality and taste of the product for a longer period, which can improve the consumption experience. This level of satisfaction can be increased, whether it’s for the bag in box of milk, the bag in box of olive oil, the BiB of mineral water, or the BiB of juices and soft drinks, thanks to the reusable HandsFreeTap device.

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