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A bag in box of wine hides secrets you didn’t know. Have you ever tried this format? If you are already familiar with it, you would have probably noticed that more and more producers choose it for combining comfort and sustainability.

Although it began as a means to market bulk or cheaper wines, today you can find premium wines, exclusive wines and even limited edition wines in bag in box (BiB).


What is bag-in-box wine?

Bag-in-box wine is the same product of grape fermentation that you find in a bottle. This format emerged in the mid-60s in the United States and its popularity has not stopped since.

At the same time that its sales multiplied (in some Scandinavian countries they exceeded 50% of all registered), innovation was transforming the image we had of the bag in box.

Nowadays, this packaging can be found in different capacities, shapes and even materials. Some of the most innovative bag in box designs that can be found today ensure more versatility and greater resistance, such as FixedTop.

It should be noted that not only wine is sold in bag in box, but also other products such as cocktails in bag in box, milk in bag in box or even olive oil in bag in box.


When to drink wine in bag in box

Bag-in-box wine is suitable for all kinds of situations. For this reason, it is an advisable option for the consumption of wine, wine-based cocktails or dealcoholized (or non-alcoholic) wine.

For those who want to moderate their wine consumption

There are wine lovers who buy wine in a bag in box to ensure a better preservation of the product. This is an important point to keep in mind. Some people know that they will not finish the bottle of wine and keeping it open could make the product lose its properties. That is something that would never happen with the BiB.

For parties and meetings

Meetings with friends, parties and social gatherings are the ideal time to enjoy the wine in bag in box. No need to open bottles, no need to worry about spilling wine when serving… Everything is just perfect and ready to just enjoy your favorite wine and company.

For those who want to enjoy wine outdoors

Many bag in box include a handle that helps carrying it. This makes the format the number 1 option for picnics, parties on the beach or sailing days.


Where to buy wine in bag in box

You can buy wine in bag in box in different places, online and offline:

– Supermarkets and stores specializing in the sale of wine and alcoholic beverages in Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Germany.

– In any of those places through mobile applications.

– In wine marketplaces.

– On the winery’s website.

– Through social media, when wine live sales initiatives are launched.


Advantages and disadvantages of the bag in box

Bag-in-box pros

  • Sustainability.
  • Economy of format.
  • There is no need to use a corkscrew.
  • Perfect for parties and gatherings with friends and family.
  • It is an ideal packaging to enjoy outdoors.
  • It protects the wine from the sun and heat better than other formats.

Cons of the bag in box

  • Difficulty serving.
  • Need to use both hands to activate the mechanism that makes the wine come out.

Luckily, innovation in packaging brings novelties that make it possible to overcome these drawbacks. An example is HandsFree Tap, have you heard of it?

How HandsFree Tap works

HandsFree Tap is a reusable device that is easily attached to the bag in box. It is enough to connect it to the faucet system that it already includes. By doing so, you can serve the wine in a mor comfortable way. It only requires a light pressure with the glass.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Did you imagine this way of enjoying wine in a bag in box? What are you waiting to try?

Remember to take it out of the bag in box when it is finished, so it is ready for your next BiB of wine.


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