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There are still companies that have not considered offering their products in bag-in-box. They have doubts about how well such a launch would be received in the market. They are concerned about their image, return on investment, and the change that comes with taking this step.

But there are many reasons to commit to sustainability, make an effort to align with consumer demands, and embrace the new times. Bag-in-box is not what it used to be, so why should your company remain anchored in the past?


3 reasons to sell your products in bag-in-box

There are several compelling reasons for a producer to expand their catalog with the bag-in-box (BiB) format. Economic, image, and purpose motivations are often what drive successful entrepreneurs to take the plunge. Are you clear about it? These arguments will demonstrate that offering your products in bag-in-box is a wise decision:

Cost savings and increased efficiency in the production processes associated with the bag-in-box (BiB) format

  1. Lower transportation costs: Due to its lighter and more compact design compared to glass bottles, transporting BiB is more cost-effective. It requires less storage space, and more units can be loaded onto a truck, reducing logistics expenses.
  2. Reduced storage expenses: BiB takes up less space on shelves and in the warehouse compared to glass bottles. This can allow for better utilization of storage space and, therefore, reduce costs associated with renting or owning storage facilities.
  3. Improved production line efficiency: Packaging products in the BiB format can be faster and more efficient compared to filling glass bottles. The filling and sealing process of BiB can be automated and requires less manual handling, enhancing efficiency and productivity on the production line.


A compelling reason to decide to sell your products in bag-in-box BiB offers a competitive alternative to traditional packaging such as bottles or TetraPaks, as well as newer packaging types like cans.

It is particularly attractive in industries like the wine industry, where BiB has gained popularity due to its convenience, lighter weight, and ability to maintain wine quality for longer periods. By offering products in BiB, producers can differentiate themselves in the market and capture the attention of consumers seeking practical and high-quality solutions.

Currently, 1.5L bag-in-boxes for premium wine are trending in Europe.

Increased revenue by offering your products in bag-in-box

According to several reports, the BiB market is experiencing significant growth. A study by Grand View Research projects that the global BiB market will reach $4.8 billion by 2025. By launching their offerings in BiB, producers have the opportunity to capitalize on this growth and increase their revenue by expanding their catalog with new packaging options.

In addition to the statistics supporting the growth of the BiB market, it is important to consider its acceptance among consumers. There is a shift in preferences towards more sustainable and practical packaging, which supports the adoption of bag-in-box.

And when it comes to convenience and comfort, we cannot ignore accessories that enhance both, such as the HandsFree Tap, the hands-free device that makes the experience of serving products in bag-in-box more accessible and satisfying. Have you tried it yet? We can customize this device for you. Can you imagine what your customers would say when they receive it along with their BiB in their next purchase?

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