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Good weather has settled on the calendar, and the sun shines daily. It’s the best time to seek inspiration and ideas for outdoor plans with friends and family. You don’t need too many things, just good humor, enthusiasm, and great company. Would you like to imagine how you can enjoy the upcoming weekends? Do you want to savor every minute of the day and night in unique ways? Then keep reading…


Outdoor plans with friends in a slow life style

If you need tranquility and feel like relaxing in the best way possible, here are some ideas for outdoor plans with friends that require no preparation and guarantee a day to remember:

1.Picnic in the park. Prepare a basket with food and drinks and enjoy a sunny day in the countryside, mountains, or park. You can bring board games, a ball, or a guitar to have even more fun. If you plan to have wine or vermouth, it’s advisable to choose environmentally-friendly packaging options. Bag-in-box is the ideal type of packaging due to its ease of transportation and durability.

2.Visit a local market. Check if there’s any local market or fair near your area and go with your friends. If you’re lucky, you might also enjoy live music. There could be tastings of local products, which will allow you to extend the day even more by exploring different shops and craft stalls.

3.Gardening. If you have access to a garden or community garden, invite your friends to join you one afternoon. You can plant flowers, vegetables, or herbs together and learn. Building an insect hotel is also a good plan. And when you finish the work, what better way to celebrate than raising a glass to a job well done? In case you end up tired, don’t forget to bring your HandsFree Tap device that improves the task of serving the wine glasses you’ll toast with to such an effective team.


Outdoor plans for the active ones

  1. Beach Day. If you live near the coast, organize a day at the beach with your friends. It’s a classic outdoor plan that’s hard to beat. Swimming, playing beach volleyball, building sandcastles, and relaxing under the sun are pleasures accessible to all (if it’s not a coastal beach, it can be a river beach). Don’t forget to leave your mark with the best snack menu and wine pairings to complement the food you’ll serve. Bag-in-box packaging is the most suitable type for a day in the sun. Have you tried the new bag-in-box holder? It’s perfect for placing your beverages, juices, and refreshments on the table, making service easier.

5.Bike ride. Explore your city or a rural area on a bike with your friends. If you don’t have bikes, you can rent them and enjoy a fun ride while discovering new places. Sunscreen and staying hydrated are a must for this kind of outdoor plan, especially if the little ones are joining in.

6.Excursion or hiking. Find a nearby trail or nature reserve and organize an excursion with your friends or family. You’ll enjoy the fresh air and nature in an amazing environment. It’s also a great way to exercise together.

7.Outdoor games. Organize an afternoon of outdoor games in a park. You can bring a soccer ball, a frisbee, a jump rope, or any other game that multiple people can participate in and involves action.

8.Outdoor yoga. Find a quiet park and organize a yoga or training session outdoors with your friends. If you’re not experts in the matter, you can follow online tutorials or hire an instructor. What if it becomes a healthy routine to incorporate into your daily life?

At night, you can also have outdoor plans in good weather

  1. Bonfire night. Find a suitable place to have a safe bonfire and organize a special night with your family and friends. From eating marshmallows to telling scary stories, the possibilities are many in this outdoor plan. To enjoy the cozy atmosphere, you can toast with sweet wine and sing your favorite songs by the firelight.
  2. Stargazing. Choose a clear night and head to a location far from light pollution to enjoy this popular activity. Make sure to bring blankets and snacks to make it even more enjoyable.

Remember to consider local regulations regarding camping and fire safety, and follow the necessary safety measures when engaging in activities with your friends. Have fun with these outdoor plans and make the most of the good weather!


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