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Attending a trade fair can offer several advantages for companies in the wine industry. There is no comparable way to establish direct contact with potential customers from all over the world. Networking and gaining direct access to information on innovations and trends can be a valuable source of information and business opportunities in the future.

Trade fair visitors are already interested in the sector your company belongs to, which means that there are many opportunities to interact with potential partners or clients. Can you think of a better way to gain visibility for your products? What about learning from the competition?

Indeed, this is another aspect to take into account. At a trade fair, you not only showcase your products, but also the strengths and weaknesses of your company, regardless of which side you are on.


Failures committed by companies during Prowein

Prowein is one of the world’s largest wine trade fairs held annually in Düsseldorf, Germany. Expectations are high, but goals are not always achieved. Some of the most common mistakes that companies make at Prowein are:

  1. Failing to adequately promote their presence at the fair beforehand, through means such as social media, email, or newsletters.
  2. Lack of planning, including a clear plan of what they want to achieve at the fair. It is essential to define clear goals and a solid strategy to get the most out of the event.
  3. Improperly preparing their stand, whether it is unattractive or poorly designed, which makes it difficult to attract the attention of visitors.
  4. Not knowing potential customers, their needs, and preferences. This information is crucial to establishing effective business relationships.
  5. Inadequately preparing the team, training is key to addressing the needs of visitors. Remember that those who represent the company are its image.
  6. Failing to follow up properly, if communication with contacts is not continued, it is challenging to establish long-term business relationships.

Mistakes made by wine importers who attend a trade fair

Wine importers who attend a trade fair can make mistakes that limit their success at the event and prevent them from reaching their goals. In the industry, the issues that may affect a significant percentage of the list of importers attending Prowein 2023 are:

  1. Not having a clear action plan: without a clear idea of objectives, budget, and meeting schedules, valuable opportunities can be lost.
  2. Not researching the exhibitors properly: prior research is necessary, as not everything can be improvised. Without proper research, importers at Prowein 2023 may waste time in meetings with no commercial value.
  3. Not establishing good communication: this is the only way to get to know the products, needs, and details of the operations of the different wineries and companies in the sector. It is also essential to be prepared to negotiate.

As with wineries and companies that promote innovative products at Prowein 2023, such as HandsFree Tap, it is essential that importers carry out adequate follow-up after the fair to maintain contact with exhibitors and advance agreements.


Tips for effective follow-up after a trade fair

Carrying out effective commercial follow-up after a wine trade fair is key to making the most of business opportunities and establishing lasting business relationships. However, for some reason, this step often falls short of expectations and fails to yield the desired results.

The reasons for this may be related to a lack of personalization in the follow-up, failure to prioritize contacts, or neglecting to send the additional information that was requested at the fair. Therefore, it is essential to maintain regular communication and be proactive in identifying business opportunities and solving problems.

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