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Customized campaigns that improve segmentation and lead to increased sales? Yes, please. Seasonal marketing is effective to promote wine sales. This strategic approach ensures good results. Let’s see why it’s relevant to your wine import, wine distribution or retail business and how to put it into practice right now, taking advantage of Valentine’s Day.


Why seasonal marketing is relevant to your wine business

The advantages associated with seasonal marketing are not only related to an increase in wine sales and a revenue boost. Planning campaigns for special dates such as Valentine’s Day allows your company to differentiate from competitors, gain brand recognition and increase customer intimacy. These benefits are only available to your business when:

  1. Designing your actions while taking into consideration your audience’s needs and expectations for the time of year. To do this, you first need to know your buyer persona.
  2. Choosing the most appropriate channels for the promotion. Perhaps there are social media channels with a high affluence of users that fit the characteristics of your ideal client. It may be channels that facilitate more dynamic interactions too, those that help you gain agility and avoid losing a minute.
  3. Evaluating the most powerful trends of the moment because, although we are talking about seasonal marketing, this effort should not be isolated from the rest of the trends that interest your followers and customers. Paying attention to your competitors’ actions is as good an initiative as the social listening. Both tactics will help you better understand what people expect from your brand.


Valentine’s Day campaign: marketing tips to promote your wines

A seasonal marketing campaign can help you achieve relevance for one of the wine brands you sell or sell that inventory that needs to be gone. When planning yours, you can put into practice some of these tactics:

  • Organize a contest where you raffle off a batch of wine from a winery along with an online tasting to enjoy with the love one during Valentine’s week. Remind your followers to tag those with whom they would like to enjoy this experience.
  • Promote a wine by offering a discount on the winery visit if it is booked through an enotourism portal with which your company has an agreement. This deal should only be available to purchases during February.
  • Offer a pack of three wine bottles associated with a romantic menu. The set should include the three or four bottles that will pair with perfect dishes for that celebration, along with the recipes and step-by-step instructions.
  • Include a special Valentine’s gift with the purchase of Bag in Box wine. It can be the reusable HandsFree Tap device, along with a list of very romantic music to enjoy the evening.

Seasonal marketing for wine at Valentine’s Day succeeds when it meets three key requirements: it is designed for people looking to live a romantic experience that day, it is associated with a specific time period (around the date), and delivers an added value (it can be something exclusive, a discount or a novelty).

Ready to sell much more in the coming weeks?

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