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A corkscrew air pressure pump, a decanter, a thermometer, a selection of wines from your favorite winery, a wine pairing dinner at the hottest restaurant in town… the truth is, sometimes it’s easy to find gift ideas beyond typical wine accessories.

Some people opt for the latest technology, find apps, or spend hours researching online to be the first to discover some innovative wine accessories such as:

  1. Wine aerators with pumps that accelerate this process prior to tasting.
  2. Wine stoppers with pressure regulators to maintain wine freshness for days.
  3. Wine cooling systems that ensure the optimal temperature of wine for a better tasting experience.


Exclusive wine accessories

Chill, preserve, train your senses… align your priorities, think about your goals, and dare to try these gadgets that have the ability to transform your wine tasting experience. Did you know about these exclusive wine accessories?

Instant portable wine refrigerator

Whether the wine is in the bottle or already served in the glass, you can lower its temperature a few degrees using the Wine Twirls or the Hyperchiller rapid cooler. In seconds, your favorite wine will acquire the optimal tasting temperature.

Customized wine glasses with an initial engraving

Although it’s not what you had in mind when thinking about innovative wine accessories, since it’s a classic, the twist is to accompany this gift with a set of aromas to train your senses and improve your wine tasting ability.

A wine refrigerator

There are mainly four types of wine refrigerators: countertop, integrated into other furniture, large wine refrigerators that are placed on the floor and store a large number of bottles, and portable-style compact refrigerators. These are the four most common types of wine refrigerators. When choosing yours, it’s important to have clear preferences regarding size, capacity, temperature, and optimal humidity for storing wine.

An annual wine club subscription

It’s not an accessory, although it’s the best gift for wine lovers. You can accompany this gift with the Smart Wine Scanner, which helps you better understand the potential of the wine in your hands and allows you to continue learning about your passion.


Cheap and original wine accessories

A winery and vineyard guided tour or a course to learn more about the world of wine are gifts that guarantee success when the recipient is a wine lover. These are joined by online tastings, which in some cases offer the possibility of talking to renowned winemakers and sommeliers.

But if you’re looking for cheap and original wine accessories to treat yourself (you know you deserve it), then you shouldn’t overlook these ideas:

Wine tasting board game

Ludicwine can be considered a wine accessory because it accompanies it, enhances it, and allows you to enjoy it more, or at least you will for sure have fun playing.

HandsFree Tap

It is the most fashionable gadget for wine lovers, the ultimate wine accessory, that device that makes the difference between serving a glass directly from the bag in box in an artificial way or with the elegance of James Bond when pronouncing his famous «shaken, not stirred». Imagine all you can do with the free hand to enhance your tasting experience, starting with a selfie to give a little envy to friends who don’t have it yet.

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