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For some wine lovers, buying cheap wine is, more than a saving strategy, a true hobby; but there are people who would never buy a bottle below 6 euros. Although wine lovers are divided according to their propensity to spend on pairings, blind tastings continue to show that cheap red wine, cheap white wine, cheap rosé wine, and cheap sparkling wine can all live up to the hype premium brands.


Price and quality of wine: they do not always go hand in hand

There are plenty of examples that prove that you can buy the best wines and save in the shopping cart:

Cheap wine tastes better than expensive wine to some people

It’s a matter of taste… or habits. There are studies that prove that people appreciate familiar flavors more and if cheap wine is the one that you are most used to; it will be that choice that prevails, when there is no other information at stake.

There is also research that has managed to prove that expensive wine tastes better for all of us, but, of course, a variant came into play here: access to information about the price; a fact that increases the attractiveness of any wine.

50 % discount on wine or 2 for 1 on wine

Inventory rules business management and the wine industry is no exception. When the stored stock begins to be difficult to manage, you have to find solutions and a very recurring one is coming up with some offers.

It is such an attractive claim that quickly activates word of mouth. As a result, the warehouse empties its shelves of all those wine brands and vintages that want to be replaced by new ones for the coming season.

On this kind of occasion, you can buy cheap wine and be taking home selected vintages, wines close to 100 points (Parker, Decanter, Wine Spectator, Tim Atkin, Bacchus or Guía Peñín, among others).

Launch promotions: wine at special prices

Branding is another driver behind the drop in wine prices. The activation of a winery brand, a seasonal campaign, the arrival of a new format, the inauguration of an alternative product line or the launch of a new wine are reasons that lead wineries to introduce a temporary discount in rates of sale.

The most discerning wine lovers, those who scour online newsletters and the shelves of supermarkets and wine shops on foot to memorize names, wineries and prices, can take advantage of these occasions to add brands to their wine cellar that will be worth more in no time.


How to buy cheap wine

Buy cheap wine online

– Take into account the anniversaries of supermarket chains and wine stores, because they usually come with discounts on all their products.

– Be aware of sales seasons to buy cheap wine (and wine accessories).

– Search for discount coupons for wine.

– Register in online wine stores, since, by doing so, many times you get a discount for the first purchase.

Buy online directly at the winery (many times, despite having to deal with transport costs, you save money by avoiding intermediaries).

– Buy large quantities of wine. If instead of buying the wine of the week you buy the wine of the month and if, in addition, some friends and family join the order, it is possible to gain that bargaining power that ends with an interesting discount on the purchase of wine.

Cheap wine in Denmark

For Swedes, wine is cheap in Denmark. However, many Danes cross the border into Germany every day to save on their purchase of wine and drinks. The sum of money spent in the neighboring country amounts to millions every year, proof that the trip is worth it. It is such a popular tradition that it is even possible to find return bus trips with the only purpose of spending a shopping day in Germany.

In Denmark, wine shops offer occasional discounts on certain brands and specific moments, and the best way to discover them is by talking to the shop assistants. They can not only inform you of these opportunities, but also help you find the best wines for each menu, gift, meeting… while they offer you a free tasting of some of the wine brands that are being promoted at that time.

Danish supermarkets have cheap wine 365 days a year, thanks to their own brands. Apart from that, there are specific moments in which the wine in stock has to be gone and the typical discount weeks due to anniversaries, national celebrations and sales seasons.


Innovation in wine favors price rationality

The wine industry is constantly evolving and this means that the products sold are increasingly safer, more sustainable and of greater value… but at a better price. The innovation that makes it possible is related to these advances:

  • Automation. It goes from field to bottling and allows specialized labor to focus on more important tasks, such as quality control or new product development. The result is a drop in costs that can be passed on to the final price.
  • Blockchain. The traceability of the supply chain is increasingly important to consumers and for this reason, wineries invest in solutions that include this type of technology. It helps them gain control to offer transparency to those who choose their wines. In addition, by doing so wineries prevent image and legal problems.
  • News in packaging. First it was the tetrapack, then the bag in box and, finally, the can. Rethinking designs, rethinking purposes and setting ambitious goals benefits everyone, from producers to consumers.

Innovation in packaging translates directly into savings. The can has a lower cost associated with transport and the material; therefore, the cost is lower (although it is not only cheap wine that can be found in this format).

Large formats, such as the bag in box, always offer a bigger value for the money and if contains wine it comes with added advantages, such as optimal preservation and ease of storage. Both cheap wine and premium wine can be found in BiB and, if you’ve got a great deal on your favorite brands, I invite you to discover a new way to pour yourself a glass: HandsFree Tap, the reusable hands-free device that makes it even more convenient this type of packaging.



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